Best New Poets 2007

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Author: Oscar Bermeo

Born in Ecuador and raised in the Bronx, Oscar Bermeo is the author of the chapbooks Anywhere Avenue, Palimpsest, Heaven Below, and To the Break of Dawn. He lives and works in Oakland, CA.

3 thoughts on “Best New Poets 2007”

  1. LOL

    on the front-channel tip: i will say that i did submit and was bummed for a minute when i didn’t see my name on the list. then i scanned for the name of another latino poet-brudah, who i know submitted, and was also slightly bummed.

    as for those who did get in: congrats to all and i’m mos def gonna read through the volume when they mail me my copy.

    actually, i submitted twice so i have another copy comin my way… maybe i can mail it out to you & ka?

  2. Would love to see it…

    Seriously though, now that I’m over my initial shock and feel assured that I hadn’t gone blind and that we all were absent from the list, making me feel confident once again in my eyeglass prescription, I must extend my congrats to those who are on the list.

    And besides, I’ve been at this for over 17 years by my reckoning, so I can hardly expect them to consider me a new poet, anyway. :)

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