Heaven Below

I’m in the Bronx by way of Oscar Bermeo’s Heaven Below, a colorful chapbook full of wit, rhythm, bravado, the Bronx and Heaven… In Heaven Below, Heaven is a night swim at Orchard Beach. Heaven is the train coming on time. Heaven is playing skelsies. Heaven is what you make it and in his new chapbook, Oscar Bermeo shares with us a slice of paradise he has found right here on earth.

Melissa McEwen, author of Saturday Pie

• Heaven Below
• A Personal History and Reflection on Sixty Years in the City from the Reverend JT
• Psalm for Anywhere Avenue
• Epistle Written at the #4 Train—Woodlawn Station, 4:30am
• We, Spoken Here
• Skelsies
• In the City, you can’t help but think of God
• Ash Wednesday
• Unsolved Crimes Perpetrated by Invisible Men as Reported by an Unreliable Witness
• How Much for the Building? Tenants Optional.
• What the Landlord said…
• Getting Ronald Reagan to Visit the South Bronx
• The Pope Takes the #4 Train
• Cucaracha
• Cockroach
• Tumbaron Tres Torres
• Three Towers Toppled
• The View from the Stoop
• Orchard Beach: Section Four
• I’m Jus Askin

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