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Of course, I’m partial to this, because the palimpsest is a great art term I’ve loved for years. It refers to writing or creating a work of art on top of another piece of art. Oscar made a bold move to make this book available under a non-commercial creative commons license, a generous and appropriate gesture, given the theme of the book. Poems to check out include Definition, Congruence, The Trouble with Poverty and many other pieces. Several were composed in response to several of our poetic contemporaries, and overall, I find Palimpsest is a great look at the new voices and languages of the 21st century.

Bryan Thao Worra, author of On the Other Side of the Eye and Barrow

• Definition
• Sonnet
• B-Boy Primer
• Antipoema
• Nomenclature
• Psalm for Public Housing
• Zuihitsu
• The Trouble with Poverty
• Ars Poetica
• A Bodega on Anywhere Avenue
• Congruence
• My Father’s Accent
• The Story of How Pigeon Came to Live in City
• Mami’s Ghazal
• The Break
• Fire Escape

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