To the Break of Dawn

Original cover image courtesy of Timothy Vogel

In the “corona of light” breaking over the outer borough of the Bronx, Oscar Bermeo measures his steps in poetic form and enjambment, litany and eulogy, praise and prose poem. Each move within these lines lands exactly where it should. Each metaphor is laced tighter than suede Pumas. To The Break of Dawn celebrates the casualties of the Bronx and the advent of a cultural phenomenon with style and grace birthed in “a place no one wants to visit.” Here, Oscar Bermeo shows how “every step must be clean.”

Tara Betts, author of Arc & Hue and Break the Habit

• Poem That Begins With a Line From My Spam Folder
• Ode to Government Cheese
• Pantoum for 1979
• Interrogation
• A Century of Writing
• Close (to the Edit)
• The Day Scott La Rock Died
• Ode to My Clyde Pumas
• Ghazal for Hands That Have Never Known Work
• Lil O Will Never Be A B-Boy
• Portrait of Ray-Jay as Atlas
• Inventing the Remix
• Make Me a City
• Epistle to Kool Herc
• Tribute
• Eulogy

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