short and sweet…

the past few entries have been long as hell because i am naturally long-winded. so, let’s try the hit-and-run approach.

the blizzard of 2003 hit and nyc has responded.

sunday– the city began to go on lock-down. people out getting as many dvd for rent as possible, storing up on the milk, bread and eggs as the snow starts.

monday– the city is a ghost town. only the brave and the stupid are out in the middle of 24 inches of snow. the one exception– city workers who are clocking time&ahalf on top of holiday pay(!) as the buses, snow plows, ambulances and cops are still out. everything is beautiful for a minute as the air is cleaner, the colors more vibrant and you can hear the city exhaling.

tuesday– back to work. streets are clearer, temperature is up and people are griping

wednesday– the weather service is warning more snow may hit as the aftermath begins to result. flooding, salt and slush is everywhere.

today– the city looks almost normal again and i miss the solidarity that results when nature decides to show us who’s boss. when the snow hits you find random strangers helping you cross the streets or dig your car out while your ‘friends’ are afraid to get some flurries on their jackets. when the slush is around everybody looks just like it– gray & apathetic. when the streets are clear is when the city returns to normal.

and i wait for the next 12 inches to hit…

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