another monday night in the books…

a true adventure last night at 13 as we started late, had extra people on the open mic, had someone go 9:43 seconds on the mic(!), had an extra two poets in the slam, a surprise second feature popped up which all resulted in a very, very special episode of ‘a lil bit louder’

but the fun was only just beginning as jerry quickley was spending his 25th hour in new york before heading out to baghdad. we met up at this spot called maxfish which was more club than bar. pool tables, couches and a half-decent jukebox kept the energy up and i was acting the groupie taking pictures of jerry with all kinds of mo’fos.

if you are ever at a louderARTS event and see me, be careful, i may have my camera and i may be takin’ pictures of ya. not bad ones. just shots that people don’t expect.

it was approachin’ 2am when jerry decided that this had to go to an actual dance club. you know it’s new york when you can find a dance club at 2 in the morning on a monday night. normally, i am all about the hanging hard but i knew that there would be NO dancing for me. read the bio in the corner… thirty-sumthin’. once (in band camp) i could have handled that but not no more.

my groupie.ness was also coming out when i was trying to chill with jerry, even though we are more acquaintances than friends and i was running the same old “call ‘rog a dominican’ joke”. me thinks i was trying to catch some of jerry’s glow, that thing that makes him even consider risking his life for a cause and then actually having the balls to do it.

there was a new tidbit that I picked up when i jumped into the middle of a geo-political discussion that jerry, roger, lynne and dj frank were having… did you know that towards the end of world war 2 the japanese were negotiating terms of surrender with the russians? and that the talks were almost finished when the u.s. dropped the bomb on hiroshima and nagasaki? that the u.s. upped the time table on the bombing so that the japanese surrender would not be to the russians? throws that whole ‘the japanese would have fought to the last man’ / ‘dropping the bomb saved lives’ argument out the window, dontcha think?

hopefully this wasn’t as painfully obvious as i perceived it and jerry left saying ‘that little mo’fo with the camera is pretty cool.’

so the night ends with jerry hopping into his limo with the stalwart heading out to a club and not even thinking that this same time next week he is going to be in the middle of the conflict and that all hell could break loose at any second.

“entre amigos no se dice ‘hasta dios’ pero ‘hasta siempre’”

“friends never say ‘good-bye’ just ‘see ya latah’”

yo jerry! i know i aint ya friend but ‘hasta siempre’!

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