open letter

things for the last year and a half have been crazy. i have seen you go through the lows and the highs (and it all tastes like forgetting) the times for excuses is running out fast. i wish you the best of luck and hope that you come through this all right. i understand that we won’t be speaking as much as we used to and i’m ok with that. you don’t have to talk to me but i am going to talk through you… a lot. let that voice come through. that’s what got you hear. for good and bad. tell them all about the lattice that keeps the glass from harming the children, the ‘new’ american express card, the dance through the branches, the choice of being who you are and what they think you are and please tell them about the last songs… i hope you can explain to them about the first song and its color and how it tastes like chicken. for your own sake, tell them about it all and don’t leave anything out.

change that, ima go through this with you because i cant trust it just to you. YOU cant trust it just to you. you have to finally let people in and let them share in the glory and in the failure.

i think it can change really quick and you can have a good night of sleep, in an uncluttered room, without worrying about the sounds, not sleeping in jeans for fear you may have to run out, dusting the old souvenirs, picking up that brush and admitting how much it meant to you, acknowledging your tears and how they don’t mean shit to the souvenirs.

ima go now. our visits will be less frequent but more meaningful and ima hug you like a brother the next time i see you and you can tell me all about the days getting longer and how that feels good and i’ll tell you about the nights and how i’m fighting her off for you. keeping her away so that she doesn’t hurt you no more. there’s no reason one person should have that type of power over another.

take care,


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