headline news for last night

–another full open mic

–another packed slam

–did ‘ultimo canto’ with omri on guitar (feeling better all the time doin’ that piece)

–plugged Acentos

–saw guy’s new chapbook

–milked the thermal

–saw alexis o’hara rock the loop station

–a packed slam saw the judges separate 8 of the field of ten by a half of a point

–fish draws first and learns the wrath of score creep and the time penalty

–shappy grabs an early and clear lead

–mara starts the charge of female energy, goes off-mic (at my suggestion) and does well singing but loses some fo her poetic voice… but her natural body movements come out better

–ray rocks out and slips into fifth

–in the second round field of five, three poets are separated by three tenths of a point

–mara gets into the last round by (booming echoing voice on) a-tenth-of-a-point (voice off)

–e(g) returns on the 13 mic after being in europe for a month

–shappy takes home the gold and becomes the new voice for conservative geeks everywhere!

–somewhere between rounds two and three, i accept a shot of whiskey which goes straight to the dome

–head over to reservior bar and the love/hate begins as we start breaking down the night

–as i’m still buzzed, we ponder:

–john rambo helped the towers fall

–‘you think you survive this waltz, this polka, this line dance?’

–where did carrot top come from?

–‘you’re going to need body bags, lots of them’

–a toast to a new job

–i dont give a shit what you say, american beauty is a good flick

–‘what child of opie, what decendant of mr rogers, what offspring of eminem you lookin to fuck wit?’

–american taliban is THE look for next year, trust me

–go, flash, go!

–bruce springsteen sounds pretty good at 92 years old

–rock out with your cock out!

–queen soundtracks is the shizzee

–sensitive sweaters, never wrong when you need to make a point

–god didn’t make rambo, i made him!

–i don’t give a shit what you say, ben affleck is WAY better than matt damon

–‘… dont make me put this game boy down and emerge from this strip mall’

–drove ray, seve and guy to their respective cribs

and that be that

see you at ACENTOS! tonight mo fo’s!

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