after hearing morris interviewed last night by guy, as part of the louderEDGE format, i came to terms with what happened at the last slam. i went with the piece i wanted to and it didn’t score well enough for me to advance. the piece is still great and i debuted it when the inspiration hit. the fact that i am still using it despite the fact that it quote.failed.unquote speaks volumes as to my conviction in it’s message. aside, there are a few pieces that i HAVE abandoned because they haven’t done well in slam/ and serious consideration should be given as to whether the flaw is within the work or my delivery.

much fun last night, all around. the open mic, morris, marty vs cristin in the slam, shappy challenging guy to a, guy accepting and the shenanigans afterwards.

yeah, the afterparty was especially good in that it was not just the “crew” hanging out. six new heads added their laughter, opinions, energy and a tear to our post show wrap up.

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