today started with a trip to brooklyn to rehearse the louderARTS play. i wisely left my car on the upper west side and then met up with ray. we took the subway to crooklyn and headed to elana’s place.

unlike the past ones, this rehearsal proved very satisfying as sabrina & i were able to concentrate on our scene. we went over the motivations of the characters, both real (myself & ‘leticia’) and the ones in the play. after kicking some ideas back and forth, we found the perfect vehicle to let the audience know where our mindset is… laundry. yep, by simply folding some shirts on a table, we should be able to express to the audience that these are two people comfortable with each other but still needing a lil something to bring them closer together. our final prop will be the bomb and should make the ending ot our scene come off as da bomb.

the dry run with the rest of the crew left everyone pretty spellbound, even though they’ve heard the poem a good number of times.

headed back to manhattan and ray’s house. while waiting for some take-out, i tell seve about this weird ass dream i had a few nights back that involved the louderCREW, brooklyn, expolsions, the colors red, white & green, escape and detention. he was bugging as to the clarity of my dream and then we went over some other doozys i have had over the years.

i must be the most lucid dreamer ever becuase people always tell me they dont remember their dreams and i have an amazing clarity in my dreams. colors, tastes, people… they are all so fuckin’ real and have left more than a few dreams crying, laughing nad just plain disoriented. the ones about my ex were particulary disturbing as i was trying to shut off my sub-concious from my fream state. by the end, i was hypothesizing how the more intense you feel about someone, the more you steal abit of their essence and that bit actively invades your dreams. weird, but that was the only explanation i could come up with.

then wrestlemania capped off the evening. wrestling is just so good to relax and unwind. see the matches progress and wonder about the outcomes. yes, i know wrestling is a pre-determined athletic exhibition but finding out if your favorites emerge victorious is the true draw. i would rate this wrestlemania pretty high, in that all the matches ended decisevly with a minimum of bullshit. most of the outcomes went against my wishes but that is what is supposed to make you come back.

low lights– limp bizkit, ashanti, catfight girls, coachman, lita, opening match, undertaker match, length of hardy-mysterio match, hh wins again

high-lights– angle(!), micheals-jericho match (even though the wrong dude won), rock-austin, 3 way tag match, cena, hardy-mysterio, trish(!), hogan-mcmahon (the batlle of geritol was pretty good & rowdy roddy made an appearance), booker t and the angle-lesnar match (even though lesnar F*CKED UP his last move and may have given himself a concussion)

great stuff and i can only hope the WWE gets their shit together and starts pushing cena, lesnar, jericho, team angle & beniot before its too late.

“to be the man, you got to beat the man! whoooooo!”

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