The Red Pill Please

caught the matrix reloaded at a 10pm showing at the whiteston last night. if you are from the bronx, you knw thw whitestone to be THE most ghetto multiplex in the bX and if you are not– know you now.

the movie was off the meat rack and the review is pretty simple– if you liked the first one, you’ll love the second one (mimicing my x2 review)

the universe that the wachowski brother’s is amazing and the mythos that they are adding to americana can not be easily dismissed and may well be the fairy tales of future generations. i have a ton of questions and opinions when it comes to this movie and would love to see it again to catch the nuances.

my one beef with the whole experience is that there was this group of kids that insisted on talking throughout the whole movie and during one of the climatic fight sequences i had a grown woman behind me yelling ‘ooohh’ at every punch and kick. for real, every fuckin punch and kick. i always believe this to be the same people that are amazed at salt. by the end of the scene i turned around and said ‘this is where you yell oohhh’ and also had some comments for the teenagers that were blabbing.

i just wished people would watch the movie instead of saying ‘did you see that!’ every other second

*minor spoiler* at the end of the credits is a trailer for ‘matrix:revolutions’ only stick around if you are a big fan because it aint all that

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