“Makin’ all that noise cause they found new toys.”

-no poetry this last monday cuz of the holiday

acentos was another great tuesday. michele kotler came down with rachelle, marina, lisa & aracelyis to give us the biggest injection of female energy to date. her feature was tight and her poetry incredibly engaging as she switched up between short, tight work & longer, narratives and personal lyrical pieces. once agin, the shows are just so damn tight and i am very close to getting a national name to show up and that will just put our rep in the stratosphere or at least i hope. the open micers are progressing lovely and all the people i’ve asked have given me good, positive feedback and these are mofois that will say “the show sucked” if it did. i am starting to think more in terms of next year when it comes to the series and already planning on making some moves to branch it out a lil bit more.

lynne: “acentos has been around since january, right?”

me: “nah, we started up in march.”

lynne: “wow! it feels like its been a round forever.”

thats what im talkin’ about!

-the nerd slam at the BPC was in need of a few good nerds and i am going to commit to next years nerd-a-thon. shappy is always gold on the mic and was, of course, a kick ass host. omar backed him up and they had a great chemistry up there with omar having a blast and smiling throughout. still had some good laughs and made the most out of it.

– back to rikers for more poetry workshops. the ride into the island was smooth but i almost lost control of the class going over langston hughes “theme for english b” the class had some more heads and the fellas were taking the analysis of the poem WAY out of hand. it never got real crazy but that was the first time i felt that i wasn’t getting my whole message across. i admitted to fish that i had lost the interest of the fellas and asked him to finish out the last half-hour of the class and then we got interrupted. “gentleman, class is going to be cut short as we have an emergency situation on the island” well, that was that. the guards asked the fellas to go back to their dorms (the cells) and then escorted us out through the underground exit. no one was acting the fool as the c.o.s were cool and the guys were acting like business as usual. i was just glad we got off the island smooth and without incident.

about six members of the louderCREW is supposed to be coming next week to give the fellas a poetry showcase. that should be good and some of the guys will perform their work as well. it’s all thanks to fish who has really taken this program by the horns. i can see this being a permanent louderPROJECT and all it can do is help the organization stay focused on teaching and public service.

– went with fish to check out rob neil over at the nuyo for their last run-off slam. anacaona was also slamming and came within (booming tony brown voice on) two tenths of a point (voice off) from making the nuyo team. an acquaitance of fish, hostage took the slam and his work was pretty good. rob came in last with a second round stumble but he still left a mark and thats the best you can do. got to play scorekeeper and had a ton of fun since i wasnt really *with* any of the slammers so i could be as big a kackass or a big a hatah as i wanted to be. karen jayme is doing a great job hosting and i am hoping to get her up to the bX soon. ended up hanging with dianne and her friend from the new school, tatiana. did someone say ‘latina poet’? the you know i have her on track to calling acentos home. a silly game of scrabble that would have had taylor pullin out his hair and then some talk of the louderARTS. a great night that didnt end till very, very late.

that be it…. catch ya latah

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