the rikers graduationn ceremony was incredible. i reprised my new poem, complete with the references that the line betweeen criminals and everybody else is very blurry, in front of the directors of the freshstart program and the new warden of c76. very tough.

i also know the difference between a poem and a speech cuz the dude that went after me (a communications teacher, no less) gave the most boring speech after me saying the same things i was saying.

seeing the fellas there, reading their poems in front of friends and family was really great. the food after was better! shrimp and chicken with cashew nuts, fresh ceasar salad, chicken cacciatore, grape leaves with snow peas, haricots vert with tomato & dessert– creme brulle with fruit and chocolate gananche with strawberries.

all prepared by the fellas.

i cant wait to do this again next semester

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