“I’d throw away the cars and the bars and the war”

tomorrow, the crew hits the radio. after many years of being a devoted opie&anthony listener and a full fledged big-ass member of the ron&fez society, i finally get to be in a studio.

not sure exactly how it’s going to go down but i will just flow like always.

point– if you get a chance, tune into WBAI tomorrow (the ninth) at 2:00pm and lend me your ears, so to speak.

friday is going to be a day of silliness as i will *attempt* to make the martin espada reading at cornelia street then shoot directly over to bluestockings for a feature that the Acentos crew has going on over at soul nation hosted by the amazinf mujeres de mahina movement.

bluestockings is a small, independent bookstore that focuses on woman’s books until recently they had a woman-only policy which sucked. i understand how groups need their space but my philosophy says you achieve more through inclusion than exclusion but thats just me. mahina had their first soul nation a few months back and it was the bomb… so i expect yo have a really good time while all thats going on.

also at 8:00pm keith roach is having a book release party for his new book, The World Changes at the Expense of Black People, at the Poetrty Project

and, over at the nuyo you have manny xavier as the spotlight.

you know, there was a time when if i did ONE poetry reading a day every day of the week, i thought that i was bein’ some kind of poetry warrior… now, i am lucky if i only have ONE a day.

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