“Well I never seen change without a fire”

post wbai, we all hit this pub by guy’s job and it was one of the moments that makes it all worth it. just chillin amongst friends talking about life & art,

the broadcast went well, if a bit rushed. i would’ve liked a bit more time to explore the origins of acentos more and *really* woud’ve appreciated more time to discuss the future of the series. louis was awesome as his radio voice is just amazing… especially when you realize that it is his REAL voice. between commercials we were all just being jackasses, passing notes around to try to see who would crack first and laugh out loud on the air. i was happy with my lil say on the radio so i cant complain and when i dont complain– you know it had to be cool.

the after party moved up to Macando’s(sp?) book shop on 14th and eighth, where rich found a copy of a book that louis recommended. it’s an out of print first edition which means that it was way overpriced but thats the life.

the after-after party kept going at urbana as the cabana cabal all got on the slam list adding some sazon to the bowery. i did ‘brooklyn back break beat’ but had the misfortune of drawing the 3 slot which means that your poetry has to be kick ass to survive the score creep… of course, i could do one of the more established pieces but then urbana has this ‘un-official’ rule about doing new pieces in the first round… then again, a whole bunch of people have pissed on the rule in the past… who am i kidding, i have no desire to do ‘motb’ in a slam unless its the last round… so ‘bbbb’ it is…

the bottom line– i got slaughtered in the scores. oh well, so the slam goes.

rich and fish did well, advancing to the second round but once the judges pick a favorite it usually stays that way. george mckibbens and dawn saylor were the said favorites and fought it out in the last round with george getting the scrabble board.

right now, i can afford to laugh off a bad finish at urbana but i dont know if i can keep the same smile going if the same happens at 13… we shall see.

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