“Scatterlings and orphanages”

some new blogs i think y’all should be checkin’ out.

::nuyo nina is my home girl nina who can claim her place in acentos history by being the person who introdcued me to rich villar. if i say anything more, i may embarass her but keep an ear out for this poeta/abogada at an open mic near you

::mc siegel is not actually a ‘mic controller’ in the traditional sense but has made a solid impact on the 13 open mic the last few months. double love for makin’ the trip out to the blue ox. matt is always challenging himself and some of the talks i have had with him the last few weeks have made me laugh out loud and re-examine my politics.

:: galactus is not an actual acuaintance and, truth to tell, the blog has not been updated since his last visit to our sector of the milky way. still makes me laugh though.

:: the bambinos curse is why i have been one smilin’ bastard all day. lets face it– something supernatural had to have controlled grady little’s dome when he kept pedro martinez in for that long. just discovered this bad boy which is poised to get more interesting as the series continues. o.b.prognosticatin’… yanks in six.

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