“You’re all by yourself but you’re not alone”

Tonight is Fish’s feature at Acentos, if you are reading this then you are either planning to be there or have already explained to Fish why your mom’s open heart surgery is only just a teensy bit more important than a night at the Ox. I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen tonight.

It has been one year, to the date, since Fish got to upperCASE at 13. (Also notable is the fact that I upperCASEd before Fish and Rich got to upperCASE right after, so if you want to be down with the Caban Cabal guess watcha gotta do?) I am a HUGE believer in cycles and the opportunity to be able to look at a body of your work from one calendar year to the next is an amazing barometer of artistic growth and a change.

There are tapes I have of some early synonymUS jams, and some tapes of just me and Ray getting together before there was a synonymUS, and when you hear the early versions of Lynne’s “Ghetto Nightmares…” or a raw version of “MOTB” or “Leticia” and then see how far it can come or how, just as soon as you say– “It’s done!”– another twist emerges and the poem becomes that much better.

Guy will be hosting and, on the real, that’s worth four of the $5 in and of itself. This may be his first hosting duties since leaving 13 and it will be fun to see him shake off the rust and get back to telling motherfuckers to shut up and respect the mic. Note of importance- Today is one year to the day that Guy and Salome (Happy Birthday! again) decided that Virginia maybe for lovers but it aint all that.

One mo time– Come to Acentos, listen to the Open Mic that is cranking out voices like Jacko… nah, won;t go there, check out Guy trying to control 60 Bronxites, listen to Fish attempt to out top himself, and (if you have a sec) chill with me in the back as I soak it all in and take a night off from any official Acentos duties.

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