“Decorate the house with lights at night”

The first big snow fall of the year is here and I hearken back to the last big snow fall, March of this year. The weather experts promised mad inches and all we got was a light fluff. Important to note because it killed the crowd for what was an awesome night at 13 where a bunch of us had a chance to be recorded for, what was then a rumored project, of Norman Lear’s. With the lights on and the tape running most of the poets went with newer less “audience friendly” work and we had a blast for the 30 or so that showed up.

The last really big snow fall in January saw me troop it out in the Honda (r.i.p.) and spend part of the day chilling and part of it putting together the final touches to the blog design you see now. I remember how perfect this city can be at times like this with everybody indoors, the streets blanketed alabaster, and the shine of lamppost reflecting off the perfect snow. In two days, it will become slush city and then the city will have a more familiar facade- dark and unpure. Maybe it’s the tell-me-what-to-do-and-I’ll-probably-do-the-opposite-mentality, when it’s nice and people are out picnicing, I prefer to chill on my own and hit the AC of a Barnes and Noble (not buying shit, just using what I like to refer to as my own lil library).

Tonight, with every advisory on TV saying “Don’t do it!” Ima head over to the Spaceship Casita and chill away. Perhaps a snowball fight will emerge or maybe we can throw bags of waters on unsuspecting passerbys… who knows?

This was originally supposed to be a gathering of the gentleman of louderARTS but is slowly expanding to a nicer more exoteric circle which may eventually allow for some voices that I don’t always agree with but what’s new? Methinks that the attendance will be low so it will probably not go into the unofficial log of minutes as an actual quorum but I like to think of it like church and God, if me and God are talking, seriously talking, then I am in Church and you gotta give me a minute before I get back to you.

This just in from Rich (via the Weather Channel)…


Forecaster, please! It’s like as if this shit doesn’t happen in the rest of the world, all the time. Siegel has probably seen more snow in April up in Buffalo!

Real big riff! Weather Forecasters. These muthafuckas are about as useful as locker room relationship advise. Everybody is a fuckin’ expert until there advice falls flat, then it turns into the Iran-Contra hearings.

“I don’t recall saying that.”

“I believe I was referring to a hypothetical situation.”

When it snows, as they predicted, it turns into a giant alert which always starts with “As first reported by…” You aint reporting shit!

You are either

a) figuring out that if it started in DC and the wind is coming North, its gonna hit here

b) going with the statiscal odds of meteorological indicators

and it’s a straight crap shoot cuz if the wind changes, then we are in the clear and if the magic of nature turns all the odds against you then we get this “A surprise storm…”

or even better, “We really got lucky…”

(Morton Downey, Jr mode- off)

Looking forward to a great night because there is always a good story that comes out of circumstances like this and that’s really what I live for… a good story.

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