“Jet City Woman, to make the clouds go away”

The banner ads have been acting much better as of late and without the mention of “that dude who was in a documentary and made a film about himself but called it something else.” (Side Note- I actually enjoyed said individual’s performances and interviews in the documentary and didn’t mind the movie that much except for the cheesy courtyard fight scene and the pseudo attempt to tie it all into the performance poetry movement at the end.) For some strange reason there is a consistent mention of this city’s iron horse and my new way to get around town. Hint- it rhymes with TWA.

What has me really laughing hard today is the search words that bring people to my neck of the cyber world. Thanks to Sitemeter I know that in addition to the regular keywords (geminipoet, oscar, bronx, ya get tha picture), these (not so common) phrases have gotten folks to hit up the old web journal-

chuito + bayamon

– ah, chuito will never die! he is the salsa singer that was the great hector lavoe’s hero and also gets a mention in a willie perdomo poem that was in my mind for weeks. willie tells me that he mentioned him to highlight the eccentricities of a woman that lives in one of his poems.

religious poems – just think

– what! sounds like something more for rich’s blog! hopefully they did go down that way because i keep the spiritual in the same place i keep the personal- to myself! but i’ll make an exception and let you know that for good or bad- it’s all about circles.

poems + diana marie + love

– ha! somewhere in the vast internet there is someone that needs a poem for DM and methinks they were trying to cheat and, uhmm, borrow, yeah!, borrow some prose.

learn to uprock

– no, this blog won’t teach you to uprock but it will let you know how to mambo…

regie gibson + whiskey

– talk about hitting the way back machine! from a night that feels like a decade ago, hanging with regie at “Mike’s” the bar/restaurant right by “Morgies Cafe.” thinking about it now, the irony is delicious because the series that rog had going at morgies was the main inspiration for starting Acentos. the idea was floating around my head for months but didn’t crystallize until leslie shipman invited me to feature at the blue ox and that was all she wrote. oh, when did i meet leslie- the night that regie gibson featured in the bX for her and we went out for whiskey later- circles, baby, circles!

“gemini” heather OR stripper OR pennsylvania

– this may be closer to the sprit of the blog. my suggestion to the individual looking for this dancer is this- keep going to as many strip clubs as you can and one day you will either find someone with this name or someone that looks a lot like her, either way. to quote the poet- “the names don’t matter”

ghetto boricua poems

– check it, sun! (assumes the b-boy stance) m’blog keeps it mad gully! top 5, no less! not bad for someone who rarely writes of the hood and isn’t even of la isla!

In my mad, mad attempt to keep the blog as impersonal as possible I may make this a common occurrence and see what happens. Or I may not and get to the underbelly of my hopes and fears. Who knows? Find out later- Same blog time! Same blog channel!

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