i am still listening to the synonymus tape. in about two hours i’ll be doing it live. luckily, the hangover is almost all but gone.

the winning formula- 1/2 tumbler of manhattan, 3 coronas, 1/2 glass of white wine. (thank god i wasnt asked to participate in the round of blue ox shots!)

let me point out that eliel lucero had a break through night and his work is growing at a pretty good pace. i will also note that eliel needs to chill with the drinks a bit and realize that his six foot four frame can be a bit cumbersome when it hovers over me. just sayin.

mr (em-are) is another cat whose work just gets stronger and stronger. 2004 is shaping up nicely.

i heard myself on 5_past_13 the other day. holee sheet… do i have to slow down or what? i sound like if i am trying to spit out a car lease commercial. and ot think, after i did that version i was saying to myself- ;the piece is almost home’ almost got farther away with the versions i busted out at semi finals and nats and i am practicing a more pissed off version for the show on monday. when bon did ‘creed of the graffiti writer’ yesterday i was looking at a whole bunch of fresh faces that never had heard the piece and more than once i jumping in myself- ‘but only in self defense’ ‘pronounce you hip-hop-ly dead’

the love/hate with ‘MotB’ isnt over but it still has a ways to go.

the set list is set but i started two new poems today and i hope i can add them to the repertiore by monday.

fish- i think ima do “Capicu” for the Pelo Bueno party. i think its the piece that goes best with the night and rich will of course right something twelve minutes before and still be the star of the night. i also have it almost 100% memorized and i want to see if i can really lose my fool mind in front of what promises to be a VERY rican audience.

by the time most of y’all read this the Econium show ill be history and, methinks, it will make a lil history…

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