whew! i think in the fever of my pissed off i dont really get across the fact that the de_burgos tribute was a great night and that i did have a good time.

friday involved some discussion of ideas both through email and person. in the end, everything worked out fine. i heard some things that i didnt want to hear mostly about myself but i was able to absorb it all and think i am the better for it.

then it was off to the nuyo to see bonafide get his ass waxed. that is not a dig on bon but a group of us KNOW that we will not do good at a nuyo slam. some of those someones actually win slams in different venues (not just 13) and thus do not fall into my ‘well i dont win anywhere so why am i making excuses?’ category. (yes, i know i am hung up on the slam.) back to the point, we attack the nuyo like leonidas marching to thermopylae– we know we’re gonna die but living isnt what being a soldier is all about and thus, scoring well isnt what being a poet is all about.

thank gawd there was no line and we had a lil celebrity moment as karen jaime stops her normal flow on the mic, squints and exclaims

“oscar? whats with the beard?!?”

shit like that is good fro the ego, let me tell ya.

fish got some props too and rich was just rich chillin in the corner and then i see fish move into julio’s seat for a second and DAMN! he looks like he was born to be there.

the slam was the slam- bon did well (but not well enough)

“what would you like me to read, o?”


(bon gives me that- you know they dont get that shit here- look)

life (un)titled- since you didnt do it at acentos and its one of my favorites

“yeah but how about…”

i finally convince pelo bueno to read it and he scores really well with it

i then get to hear ben porter lewis rip it onstage while chilling next to al letson (who remembers me from WAY back) and everything is cool breeze. some folks are pandering like mad on stage, some are working it out looking for their voice and some people is just who they is and everything is cool breeze.

last night was la feria del beso at wanda ortiz’s mi sala gathering, it was my first sala and it wont be my last. wanda was an awesome host and the night had a cool vice (the fact that they kept wanting people to kiss all night was a bit of a pain but its v-day and sheet) the theme for the next event is mama africa something thats been on this fair skinned, light eyed, if i had it it would be pelo bueno, boys mind a lot lately. a good night for sure but i did catch that “damn, i want to read up there” bug, again. the same one that bit me at the de_burgos center. i got the sickness and i hope that this monday (johnny o’s @ 8pm up in the bronx… come on down!) takes care of it or maybe not. i havent been hungry (in the wanting the mic sense) in a minute and if it means more writing and more poems then let the bug live.

in less than two hours the bowery will look like if banco popular was givin it away to la gente and i will be a part of it. i hope by then i have digested the dulce de leche cheesecake that has me all weighed down.

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