just another day around the way

forget poetry for a minute–

-92.7 WLIR goes off the air… this happened at the start of the new year and was a shock to the system. lir was the first station that i actually felt listened to the people. the vision network gang would send them requests via fax and they would read em out with all our dumb comments and all. more importantly, this was the station that dared to be different. before it was the rage, they took a chance with bands called pearl jam, rage against the machine and alice in chains to name a few… even after alternative went mainstream, they were playing the songs that made these bands great and you could count on some 80s obscurity popping up very now and then… nothing like some early u2 or peter gabriel to keep you grounded… then they fucked up and went with mainstream with their alternative… figuring that they had the best DJs and a finger on the pulse of long island youth (angst- personified), they went national… in the process losing their grassroots touch… not only that but they couldnt compete with the big boys and as every one was playing stone temple pilots, LIR got left in the dust… they resurfaced by playing the europe techno grooves that were becoming the norm of the clubs… not just the sheet you heard on other stations but more intense tunes that had a complexity all their own… it wasnt for everybody.. they lost some folks but gained back their core audience and as alternative faded to teen pop… LIR rose high again as the station that dared to be different… i still tune over to 92.7 to see if this is some bad joke but its not… more info here

-A-Rod!… once again, the yankees play the off field game better than everybody else… a move that started as a- we cant let boston get him turned into the trade of this century thanks to a random knee injury… are the yanks better… in hitting, yes… in infield defense, yes… in merchandise sales, hell yeah (btw, the sale of a-rod gear will easily make this deal a profitable situation)… attendance, up… outfield defense, spotty… pitching, critically in need of a lefty… middle relief, a joke… closing, its mariano or nothing and this is the man who makes or breaks the yanks every year… the whole world hates the yankees even more and thats just fine… if they dont love you now- they never will- so why bother… “your whole team is bought!” our catcher, shortstop, DH, closer and 3 starter are all home grown from day one. name two other teams that can boast that. (at the end of last season we also had a home grown second baseman and 2 starter, btw)… the yanks are one of the last home grown teams out there that realized that its a buyers market… sadly, this accelerates the process of full corporate take over of sports, a reality that took hold with the dodgers leaving brooklyn and free agency- all way before the era of steinbernner

-the job… my nemesis at work got the ax yesterday… she pushed the last button and it was done… not a real happy time cuz she forced my boss to do what she had to and it was fucked up… on the flip, it was only a question of time and me and my lil band realized that as soon as we started catching her heat… my coworker was gonna riff and i told her to chill cuz we were gonna end up on the wrong side of the blame game cuz i knew that homegirl was more apt to talk behind the back shit than we were and that she had more moments of solitude with my boss… sorry to see ya go

-the beard.. i grew it as a kinda warm up to mondays feature… the knicks did it once in the post season with all of em (except ewing) shaving their heads (done dat) and the devils all grew out their beards in their quest for a stanley cup.. we aint shavin till we win!… i figured i would get all grizzly adams till the big day and then resurface in my old form.. really surprised with the random and unprovoked “looks good!”… for now, its sticking around cuz, as a bald man, i dont have very much to help keep me styling so i resort to messin with the facial hair… maybe i will go with the braided biker goatee look next (not!)

-the blog… having more fun but as i told jess last nite… this bad boy is for me and to keep a record of my thoughts on shit… i know the feature report was hella long but i dont care… it aint for y’all… its for me

-new ideas… in my head… real ones… not just the ones that i get from people or from the past… me and guy were munching after encomium last week and i was bringing up mad shit from the past… i know i freaked him out with the shit that sticks with me which is why i always raise an eyebrow when random ideas suddenly “appear” cuz i am pretty sure that they came from old convos and other discourse… but hey, columbus discovered america, right?… lincoln freed the slaves… marc smith invented slam… its all about your PR… a good spin doctor is the shit… ya know?… i can freely say that most of my ideas are straight out of somebody else’s play book and from what i’ve seen of the people that i hang with- they probably picked it up from someone else’s play book… and so on and so on… nothing new under the sun.. since i just realized that this great new idea i had was actually somebody else’s suggestion… let’s see how it can be tweaked

also, thanks to all of the blog.tribe that showed up at the feature… love ya like if i stole this line from a trini poet!

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