one of the most draining weekends ever culminting with me going to sleep sunday at 10pm. i dont remember the last time i fell asleep the same day.

the kids at the new j.o.b were hella cool. only one didnt want to share which is a damn good average. problem- she appears to be the best writer in the group. no worries. she’ll break out of the shell, i have something of a talent when it comes to drawing shy people to the spotlight but it always requires a lil patience and a view on the bigger picture.

they also hooked me up with a co-facilitator, who happens to teach the kids drama on wednesdays…

“ima be in the class just to like help you out getting to know them”


“they are good kids but some are just hear to hang out”

as lomng as they write, it’ll be cool

“yeah, so i’ll just check out the class…”

are you ready to write?

“well, i dont always think that group leaders should…”

are you ready to write?

he came through like a trooper giving us some good verses to play with.

i am going to have to change my initial lesson plan as the kids are not at the age group i was told i was going to have- they are a lil bit younger and that means dealing with shorter attention spans but that’s all part of the game

no 13 last night! me hears that the slam had an interesting turn out proving, once again, that anything can happen (and usually does)

the open mic had an Acentos takeover, it also appears. never thought that the plan would progress this far this fast… i knew that a crop of distinct voices would emerge but seeing them start to attack other mics is a joy.

mucho sheet to do today and my new diet begins this week as well.. more vitamins, no soda, easy with the junk food… nothing too crazy but i have been nudged to think a bit more abut my health and, on the real, any time that this short body picks up five pounds it looks like if i ate a tire.

tonite!- Acentos with Jack Agueros and Rich Villar is your host!

meaning that my ass will be chillin in the sidelines and just listening which is still my most favorite part of the life

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