new additions to the neighborhood-

lovella calica
:: i met lovella at an NPS workshop that maria and i took. they asked us to check out the poem of the person next to you and lovella turned out to be that poeta. later that afternoon, some of the other louder bunch was pleased as spoonbread punch to have met some new peeps, one of which was- lovella! after that we kinda kidnapped her/adopted her and she is one of the lucky few to see me toe.up after 5 too many in the rent.a.van. ms calica has quite the number of adventures already under her belt and is pretty vocal on a lot of causes, so i expect to see this blog fill up fast

scott keith
:: before blogging, for a half a minute i was writing some reports of the insanity that was monday night wrestling and scott was the template i was using for these reports. go check his LJ for reviews of DVDs and other assorted nerdness…

anthony morales
:: nuyorican fresh poet, anthony is mad cool people and i was happy to take a workshop with him last year. right now he is doing the crazy juggling act of being a featured poet, masters student, public school teacher in washington heights and latino…

:: Acentos regular and MiGente legend, he hasnt been posting a lot recently but drop a note in his guestbook and that may be enough to egt him going. Tag, you it!

scot lee williams
:: a member of team synonymUS, scot has a great sense of the artistic and you never know what hes gonna do when he hits the mic (play the flute, the sax, drop a poem, slam, sing, chant…)

scott woods
:: if it wasnt for scott, i may just write off slam (on the national level) totally off but there is change in the air and this is one of the people that has the right mix of brains, tact and guts to get shit done. damn good poet too.

ok, thats it for now- go out and climb a tree…

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