Jibaro! Mah pretty National Poetry Slam 2004 Spectator, niggah!

for all you folks looking to hit nats this year (yes, this is a response to matt’s post)

here are the following links that you should start hitting up

:: NPS 2004

:: Words in Motion

:: Poetry Slam, Inc

:: Poetry_Slam_Listserve*

(*for those of y’all on the nyc listserves that from time to time say “damn, dont these mofos have anything better to do other than saying HI! or promoting their events or arguing over the same point all the time!?!” (damn, blog.pot highfive the listserve.kettle) then get ready for the same d.u.m.ness increased by a factor of three. big suggestion- sign up for Web Only or Daily Digest)

there are also rumors afoot of a PSI poker game being led by the lover of all things chicago white sox, mr nick fox as well as the usual day events of workshops and specialty mics.

straight up, if it wasnt for my sis’s wedding i would be up in the house but, at this point, more to hang with my peeps and enjoy a vacation with my favorite poets. mah first year at nats was mad cool thanks to seve and the rest of the louderBUNCH giving me the background on assorted folks and intro’ing me as part of the fam. last year, i was able to pass the love on down by helpin’ folks in the same fashion. i am way sure that those same folks will be passing it on to matt, eliel and jess among others. as for me, i guess i’ll read about it in the funny papers.

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