clean living? yeah, right

i have the muthafuckin worst migraine right now making this post just one for me to look back on

machismo redefined (set 1)

- America: My First Love Poem

- The Great Un.Communicator*

- The Mexican Cabdriver's Poem for His Wife, Who Has Left Him by Martin Espada

- Sorta-Rican series

machismo redefined (set 2)


- Battlefield: Revisted*

- Threads of Yesterday*

- Where I'm From a Community Poem by the Kids in my Creative Writing class

- Ceviche

*new hotness (with a nod to crockett out in the ‘glades)

the crowd was tight which always makes it easy to focus on some key people for strength… the double set concept is kinda fun… i got there late (damn, the MTA! damn, them to hell! heston moment- over) so i didnt get a chance to really settle… luckily, i laid out set 1 before hand… its weird performing while there is still light outside… America needs a lot more edits but is a good intro piece… i talked way too much about “the un.communicator” before the poem- a clear sign that you are ready to shit your pants… i shoulda went with the other martin poem… the sorta ricans get stronger & stronger… there were some ladies in the front that were giving me the cool.heckle- which is fun… better that than silence… there were some hella hot ladies in the house

set 2… more calm… cartography needs to get memorized… ‘battlefield: revisited’ comes from a convo i had with eliel (which it was dedicated to last night) and the fact that i’ve been wanting to write another “salsa” poem for a while… may make a book about this dance thing… may have to take more dance classes… ‘threads of yesterday’ comes from one of sabrina hayeem-ladani’s visualization exercises… she asked us to come back to a really early point in my life… it was a good place that i went back to… my kids poem rocked… end with a punch- eliel wants the ‘ceviche’ piece- tato!…

intimidating to feature with fish & bon in that they both are A game players… machismo was really fun w. fred being an awesome host… nice support system… thanks y’all…

afterwards, we hit carlitos. did ‘battlefield: revisited’ but it didnt have the same punch. good times, though.

ok- check list- kick ass fun set, only two beers, ate well, got to sleep by 1am, 7 hours of sleep and i still wake up with this headache! but i have three new poems to edit so life (as the would say) is good…

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