don’t mind me- i’m just ranting

so i’ve been getting to see some movies lately which helps fuel a lil sumthin’ more than just the poetry kick. though not that different, as i am looking for details and fuck-ups all the time. (IMDB is great to find story inconsistencies and various goofs- though some of the continuity errors are just nit-picking at its worst/best)

make no mistake, if i dont like a film- i am catching some ZZZs. even some good flicks have put me out with some boring bridges. in the last few weeks- i have fallen asleep on Coffee & Cigarettes & some other british flick. i wanted to sleep through Lost in Translation but the xenophobia and pointless dialogue at least gave me something to riff on. on the flip side, Troy and Y Tu Mama Tambien were both really good and went out and did what they set out to do which is all you can really expect from a flick. Fridays is NOT changing america’s view on compton but it is DAMN funny. i dont smoke but Half Baked is one of my all time faves. on the flip, the Matrix(es) 2 & 3, horribly failed at expanding the mythos of the cyber-christ.

of course, it still is kinda fun riffing on bad movies and my natural hatah comes out whether its at the big theatre or at home. so when the studios decide to fuck with my fun- i get really pissed.

a few months back, ed garcia sent me the link to an early SpiderMan2 trailer… that shit was the bomb!… peter & maryjane at a coffee spot with mj laying down the law and peter torn between his heart & duty… and as it all starts to go down… when he is about to say F.IT! and get with the girl… a car comes flying through the spot… pete goes into spidee time and saves mj… mj tries to figure out what the fuck is going on… and then you see the doc ock arms… some quick flashes… doc ock climbs a building… COMING THIS SUMMER… sign me up!

then, at the Troy screening, i see the new trailer- which tells me the WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE! every twist has been laid out. all that i have to look forward to is the special fx but, hello!, fx dont make a good movie- a good story makes a good movie and if you just told me the whole sheet then why dont i just wait for dvd or even better, go the nearest corner and get it in fabulous GHETTO VISION, for only $5. hollywood thinks everyone is a moron and maybe some folks are (the revolution! mah third eye! down with bush! babies is dyin’! anybody ever been in love?) but i know plenty that aint so PLEASE if you are going to reveal everything then just say so– Warning: SPOILERS!

and i’ll go out and get some drinks- you make some loot, mah theatre experience remains intact- everybody wins!

but NO! the studios just had to fuck it up for me!

the two best films i have ever seen are The Usual Suspects & The Sixth Sense… and why?… cuz i saw them cold… no trailer, no commercial, no friends telling me about it, stone mutha lovin’ cold… hence i had no idea what a kaiser soze was… and was not expecting a great surprise twist at the end… at the second to last scene i say to tina, “this movie sucks! the scene just now with the kid & the mom in the car was better than anything else we’ve seen”… she agreed… then- you know the rest

once upon a time, i used to really love trailers but i think now- ima go out and sneak in some food instead- what you thought i paid that much for a soda?!?!

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