inside jokes accumulated through the years…


-we know you love platanos

-he is mentally potty trained

-tarantula or three bean?



-milk the thermal

-trash cans… OMX!

-(anything said at UPHA)

-think she paid her cable bill?

-(the opening riff to “It’s Just Begun” by The Jimmy Castor Bunch)

-she’s a braniac (hummed to the tune of “She’s a Maniac” from the Flashdance soundtrack)

-it’s a mosaic

-c’mon robin does it all the time… and he’s just a teenager

-just cuz baby charlie brown isnt here yet doesnt mean you are off the hook


-i got two like you at home and one on the way, pumpkin!

-(after listening to “Du Hast” by Ramstein) yeah, what he said

-she looks like she just farted dr. j

-“well, i only lost my virginity three years ago” for real!?!? “nah, just fuckin’ wit ya”

-(in the lowest masculine voice possible) well, yes louis…


-look!!! the moon!!! (snore)

-undick my hip

-the puto dance

-c’mon stutter boy! spit it out already!!!

-saranchinchon man

-the satin latin

-(after a friend tries on a purple hoody) you look like a ghetto “grimace”

-“why dont you ever tip me?” frankly, cuz you’re ugly

-the brown frankenstien

-(after feigning surprise at a large sushi tab) “it’s all his fault! your friend, all he did was eat, eat, eat!”

-the mountains of yaffa

-double dribble

-come ‘ere travolta


-like ’em? they came from the crack of my ass

-one size fits most… i am the some

la piña esta dulce

-his face is thinner than the illegitimate love child of skeletor and master splinter

-vulva, thats the color of the walls

-just keep turning the knob. it helps build up the water pressure

-(picking up the wrong phone line and yelling) WHAT?!?!

-you know what you did, stoopid!

-there… it’s sting!


-they look like three pier queens and their pimp

-starsky? yes, hutch?

all in all, i gotta say- life hasn’t always been kind but it does have a sense of humor

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