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here is one of the pics taken from the great metro-experience sunday i shared last sunday with jess, eliel & lovella… there are more… they get better/worse (its all perspective)… it was hella fun and sumthin i must do again… btw, this new photo sharing thing Blogger & Hello got goin on is da bomb…

thanks back to all of y’all for all the well wishes on the BRIO… to quote cess “party at oscar’s house”… we shall see…

louder than words… the nick_berg/prison_gate intro left me a lil flat since i dont really understand the whole indignation… we are there, on paper, to liberate the country… hence, prison atrocities are a no go… if we are there, on the real, to wage war on mofos- then two to the head takes care of that and we move on… if the US doesnt listen to the UN, why should we respect the geneva convention?… this goes to the central theme that we do not have a central theme to this war… are we there for WMDs?/are we there for sadaam?/are we there to spread democracy?/are we there to squash al-quaed?/are we just there for some good ol’ fashioned how the west was won payback?… while the mofos that say shit like “they bombed our towers, we’re gonna eliminate them from the planet!” are as ignorant as the sole of mah shoe, they are at least honest and when they shut out logical arguments, it goes back to just simple revenge and while this lil blog and poetry community sees things differently, more & more, everyday, i realize that we are in the serious minority and that 51% of this country (at least the voting part) would be very happy staying over there another four years and blasting anything that moves that looks anything remotely like the pictures of the people that flew the planes into the towers…

more than anything i wonder how long shit like this has been going on? how long has the US been the villain of world politics and been the main puppeteer to shit all over the world. simple answer- post WWII. we needed intelligence in central europe and authorized the CIA to make deals with ex-nazis to collect intel from their remaining contacts. making the elimination of the nazis, as a WWII goal, completely null & void… compromise once- sell out for ever… when did this entry hit the pragmatic.patch?… i dont know

back to louder than words- RAC is the bomb… keith has a lot more history in him than he is dropping… the double patricia smith story is a classic… fyi, chi.town & marc smith claim to have invented the group piece (read here)… between the two, i’ll go with keith’s version of the story… note to others- this is why i get really anal when it comes to telling stories right… can you still be indy & top 40?… nope but you can try… ultimately, its all a matter of perception

more good times with the louder crew afterwards… i am in full swing when it comes to the parody poems with only one that i have not actually shared with the author… pretty important as i attempt (keyword) to keep it real (whatever that means) and share all my laughs with folks… comes from getting picked on as a kid… i dont mind laughing with folks- just mind laughing at them… if i dont like you, chances are, i dont talk about you… when i do though, the jokes are pretty quick and to a brutal point… i wonder how they would look if i added some magnesium to the earpiece of their phone- and just kept calling them till they looked like a cross between spawn and carrot-top?… this is pretty tame, actually

siegel dropped the serious new hotness on me with Some Ether : Poems by Nick Flynn… go pick it up…

keep looking for changes as im going with another look to see ALL the little tricks this new blog system got going on… (and as Thus Spake Zarathustra chimes in on the back ground and smoke fills the room)cuz whether you like it or not, you will learn to love it, cuz its the best thing goin’ today- whoo! Whoo!! WHOO!!… and thats a shoot, bruder!

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  1. anonymous my arse! i love the pic, tego indeed! congrats on the brio you sexy ass

    love upha, ceo, alexa

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