and we go to the video tape

i have a reading tomorrow- i double booked myself like a jackass- i hate it when i do that!

almost had a reading this afternoon. i was approached at 10:00 am to do a reading in newark at 2:00 pm and i was supposed to get their on my own. maybe it was the after glow of a really good episode of Charmed but i almost went through with it. this is the kind of mic junkie i have become

newsflash- o.b. to be a featured reader at the JP Morgan Chase Latino Cultural Festival at Queens Theatre in the Park (Flushing Meadows Corona Park, #7 to Willets Point-Shea Stadium) on Thursday, August 5th at 8PM.

Seating is limited. Reservations are required to attend. Call the Box Office at (718) 760-0064.

…flushing meadows park! the ecua version of central park!

speaking of, caught the end of the Mofongo Affair… its actually Miguel Algarin’s Mongo Affair but i kept fuckin’ up the name… it seems that i caught the best of the show- the end… all good, the post poetry jam was at BBQs and the crew had a dope time… the circle grows with raj and birthday boy, duffy joining the usual latino suspects for some of the normal sillyness

Welcome to African American Airlines

Our slogan

We get you there… a’ight!

The film for your flight is The Friday After Thanksgiving with Ice Cube & Beyonce

The push cart is coming through with 40s, Alize and Hypnotique

if you need anything else-


i tried something new when i should a stuck with the tried and true ribs & chicken… tato!… folks was gigging on duffys stage name… personally, he could call himself whatever he wants as long as he sticks to getting better… ya know?

on thursday i walked from 91st street to 42nd street- (hits the barry gibb falsetto) what the fuck is up wit dat!

yeah, i aint done a trek like that since i was like 19 or sumthin

it was cool, me and tata spent the time well… i may go back to school, if only to hang by the escalator to gig on people

read at the old folks home, they were great

did mucho poetry work today… too much in fact…

also, hot off the wire, it appears i may have some love in me after all… who’d a thunk it?

see ya tomorrow at ray’s feature

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