endless debate (#543)

last night was the Hunger & Full slam, which, as it was explained to me, meant you had to bring poems concerning food or appetite (for what- you decide)

the no brainer in this bad boy is to do the Ceviche poem and then (as slam has a tendency to do) ride the wave…

ah but i was feeling some extra paprika in my goulash last night and was not thinking in the conventional and, on the real, i wasnt even planning on doing the slam at all until this poem came out of hiding and emerged on to the paper




I don't understand

What is so hard

About asking

For #17.

and that be it folks. as i was going up the only thought going through my head, since i got the magic #5 out of 5 slammers spot was

“Either Ima win this whole suckah right here, right now

or Ima go down in a burst of flames.”

call the ladder & engine! and tell em to bring water, lots and lots of water!!

and i have a new all time slam low score to add to the mental rolodex- four point one (replacing the five point two i got when i slammed on my birthday two years ago)

for a total score of 22.5 (give or take)

my response to the judges- sounds about right!

i have not had that much in a while and it was just part of a great night were the louderCREW took very little and made it into a fun night

making the point very alive (at least for me) that the Slam is exactly what you make the Slam and you never ever let it make you (this message brought to you by the staff and friends of W.E.R.D. and affiliated peoples)

tonight- the blue ox! no poetry! only a bunch of friends getting together to celebrate the underdog and have some fun and hijinks- and guess what? i am still feeling giddy…

make it happen!

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