how you got here

here is the latest weird ass key words that have brought mofos to mah lil rincon

ronald +reagan +tributes +poems +inspiration

:: yeah, whatever. the image on ronnie pimping out the bx and using it to dog out the late 70s administration has haunted me for a long f’ing time. since he helped take monies out of housing and into defense once he got there is just extra piss on the grave from me. oh yeah, other big budget cut from the 80’s: alternative fuel research. and, of course, if we were using something other than oil by now we wouldn’t give a shit what happens in the middle easty now would we?

hispanic girls lucero poems

:: it seems that grande may have some kinda of cyber stalker… sheet! i don’t even have a stalker! what’s going on here?!?

nike bo jackson

:: it took me a minute to figure out if i was reminiscing on a Tribe called Quest or if i was talking about watching the game where his hip went out but Nope! me thinks it refers back to the ‘subway rat’ incident. anywhos- Bo knows this…

thin house chicago

:: you got me. was there a party going on at nats that i should have known about? this sounds much to much like 3am code.

q&a about vince and linda mcmahon

:: the couple of weeks i took off from 13 let me enjoy wrestling again so i’ll say (being its a q&a) that there is mucho hope in the young bloods and if you cut out the dead weight of the ‘taker and bury the “renegade employee pissed at his boss and the assorted minions” storyline once and for all- then the WWE can get back into its groove. oh, BENOIT is still god

oscar the poet blog

:: uh, oh! it looks like i may just have a stalker!

Ecuadorian poem

:: thats right, babee! reppin’ the lower hemisphere to the fullest!

eric guerri??

:: i dont know how to spell it either. always go back to and copy&paste, tu sabes? e(g) if its you- miss ya mofo. chop, chop, squish- for life!

spiderman2 doc ock toy

:: i’m still pissed about the trailer!

eric guerrieri little girl poems

:: i am!!!

boricua anthem poems

:: try rich’s blog and dont forget to hit the special WEPA! button

and finally,

smooth spanglish poems

:: dem sheets is all copyrighted, i hope you know! any luck you get with them, at least be civil enough to email me her sisters number!!

ah! i am loving the silliness, today

i have a whole weekend off who knows what kinda trouble ima get into…

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