not your typical shameless plug

tonight is acentos at the blue ox bar, as it is every second & fourth tuesday. c’mon uptown for the boogie downs best open mic (plug over)

the important part is that RICH VILLAR is your feature for tonight and its an amazing opportunity to say “DAMN! has it only been a year since rich has been around?”

well, its been a lil over a year since rich has been in the corners of the NYC poetry scene but YES! it is a year since he stepped up to the acentos open mic and, well, kinda took over.

in that year rich has

*been a member of the organizing body @ Acentos

*become a host of the Nuyorican Open Room on friday nights

*performed his work on WBAI

*been an upperCASE feature at bar13

*has also featured at numerous venues & festivals all over nyc and beyond

*become a member of the louderARTS Project

*made it on to team NYC|louderARTS 2004

and, most importantly (for me)

been the spearheading force of what we like to call “the New Hotness” at Acentos

every time rich steps to the mic, he is always armed with new work and by osmosis all of us crazy latinos that hang with him on the regular feel the overwhelming need to bring “New Shit” to the mic

last Acentos- 20 open micers- 16 new poems- figure it out

and all of this in one year’s time

come on by, say hello and stick around for what promises to be a night of seriously fresh, still warm in the box, pipin hot new poems and (maybe?) a classic or two from the man we loving call

El Profe

take care y’all

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