Team Acentos 2004

Juan Diaz

Eliel Lucero

Matthew Charles Siegel

Jessica Torres

will be competing at this year’s New York City Regional Slam against NYC|louderARTS, NYC|Nuyorican, NYC|Urbana and a team to be determined using the 3×5 format on Thursday, July 22nd (@ the Bowery Poetry Club), Friday, July 23rd (@ the Nuyorican Poets Cafe) and Monday, July 26th (@ Bar13)

and that, party people, is all from the news desk here at W.E.R.D. radio

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  1. Wbo, what, where, when and why? I think that after Detroit beats off LA, and even The two last Yankee defeats (which I am not happy about) Underdogs are coming strong… Are ya ready?

  2. nina.. it’s a horror i know.

    the bald man made me do it.

    (swaying back and forth in the corner, looking at the wall)

  3. I blame the jews and the entire nation of Ecuador……we are a nation of point-guards….MCS

  4. to get Jess to slam- i had to threaten to put out a hit on TEGO… dont ask what blackmail i used on MC…

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