the dilithium cells red to go!

i am back from the 1800s, y’all!

no cell phone, no internet, no cable, NO CHARMED!!!

in the self-fulfilling prophecy department- i read half of Jimmy Santiago Baca’s “Winter Poems Along the Rio Grande”

life seems much sweeter now. the BRIO is finally going to get here and i am looking forward to writing the poems that will get me another one in 2006. i have already promised myself that all new hotness will go into my next BRIO manuscript. two years is a long time but then again two years ago i was half debating whether or not i would be going to nats and then the story unfolds… well, at least the public one

that air of renewal is spreading quickly with more and more people being touched by the poetry gods in strange and phenomenal ways.

the “real” journal is getting more & more play with some serious honesty going on in there. stuff that would paint me the villian in my own movie but i can see different endings all the time

sometimes its jack nicholson in ‘one flew over the cukoos nest’

and then other times its sonny chiba in ‘street fighter’

then again you can see some richard gere in ‘primal fear’

or maybe i am playing edward norton, not too sure

blink again and see myself as ‘edward scissorhands’

the ride gets too crazy when i start laying it all down and wildly imagining that i am going to write myself how this suckahs going to end

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  1. Yeah, so now that you’re back from the 1800s, why don’t you post something beetch! I can’t keep reading the same thing over again. It’s like listening to one of those poets who’ve been writing the same poem over and over for the last five years– it gets old after a while….LOL…so this is an ultimatum jibaro….post or else….is the white man gonna have to choke a bitch?….LOL….MCS

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