its been a long time…

so hella busy…

by this time next week-

i will have been a member of my sister’s wedding party

i will miss my first nationals

i will have performed at

a) the JP Morgan Chase Latino Cultural Festival

b) the Audobon Street Festival in Washington Heights

c) the Nuyo for an anti RNC reading

thats on the DEFINITE list

on the fun list

i will have read at 1st Wednesdays featuring Guy

i will have caught a dance performance before the Audobon gig

on the review tip

TEAM ACENTOS kicked some major ass in all the venues. MC’s analysis is pretty on the money in that the team’s confidence did grow more and more each and every time they went up there. everybody got to rock out in at least two of the venues. the team went through quite a bit of practice and they came through it like troopers. (the MOST fun of the practices was the night that we got to take over Carlitos Cafe, literally! the owner had to leave and was planning on closing the spot at 8pm (which is when we arrived) and juan calls up jess “the spot is closed” OH HELL NO! with just a smile and a handshake, the owner let us keep the place open till 11pm and we ran the door, mic, sound system, bar and cash register till we closed up. while this may seem weird to some- shit like this happens to me all the time- word!)

i love the team to death and it just adds fuel to my fire that slam is an awesome tool to help poets locate their voice. note the word ‘tool’ as in it is a means and not an ends. ’nuff said.

my totally.not.into.poetry.homeboy asks, “are you disappointed not going to nationals” nope, not at all. while i loves mah peoples on the team, i know that as long as they are in the hunt there is no serious time to bug out and i hate being a fly in the wall for team practices, ‘specially the ones right before a bout. thats TEAM time and i know that i aint on the team. if asked i would do it but i aint inviting mahself- just aint mah way.

the more difficult challenge for me will involve my sister’s wedding which i am happy to be a part of but me and my sis still have HUGE communication problems but that is old news for those that know. i will behave to the fullest and there may be some sacrifice involved in that there may be a gate crasher to my sisters greatest day. if that sheet should go down, ima be the ass and take one for the team. my dad tried to say he would but his ass is REALLY old and then who would dance with my sis? same with e and k, cant let them get caught up in silliness. of course, i dont think that the gate crash is gonna happen but if it does… i’ll just do what the moment calls for.

i need a hobby and fast! luckily, i just won some arts lessons from a friend so who knows, maybe i will turn out to be good at that… gotta go and help a friend…

more stuff latah (for realz)

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