fockers! ya let the rain stop ya!

its cool. a long time ago, i stopped counting when it comes to people who do or dont show up to my stuff.

bottom line- “intimate crowd”… 45 minute performance (was supposed to be 15 but hey thats what havin a repertoire is all about)… martin espada cover… eliel came through and rocked four pieces (thanks, grande!)… rich came through as well (but we didnt have to kill any more time by that point)… crowd bumps up to “friendly space”… michele was beautiful… four love poems- all about the same girl- go figure… car crash right outside the spot- makes for nice fireworks… bruckner grill rocks

love ya like if i walked through a flood for ya

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  1. It felt awesome. thanks OB. I love reading, and your hosting kicks ass to read anything. WERD!!

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