i am in some serious pain right now. the gout has been ripping me
apart this weekend. it started up right before the normal gig but i
had it under control. in fact, leaving normal my ankle (where the
gout decided to visit this time around) was almost 100% and then i
don’t know what the F happened on saturday night but whatever it was-
it sent my ankle straight to hell. it was co bad that it took me 10
minutes to walk from Ave D and 3rd St to get to the Nuyo for Algarin’s
BDay Bash (which was cool but i always get pissed when 3/4 of the room
has NO idea who Algarin is but then thats not my prob… right?)

sunday was spent all day in bed letting the ankle recoup which led to
the KNEES getting hit since i wasn’t walking around and then they both
started feeling better last night when i went to Ada Limon & Jen
Knox’s reading out in willie.burgh, bk. good times in a very
different vibe with mah knees getting better and better (oh yeah- the
ankle also started acting back up)

now, this morning, mah right knee flares up and as the day progresses,
both knees are acting like step.children and the heat element kicks
in…. thats when the gout actually starts producing higher
temperatures in my joints. oh well, i’ll survive (i always do) and
somehow, someway will hobble around tonight for acentos.

fair warning to all: if ya see me pimp limpin’, do NOT make jokes. it
hurts like hell and for some unknown reason there is always one person
that believes it is awesome to make fun of pain. i don’t understand
why but there always is. at that point i either walk away or really
start tearing into the person, usually i walk away. i aint askin that
you pamper me, just let me pass through. ok, that was refreshingly

latahz, y’all…

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