high, fly ball… goin’ deep… and it’s

not going the yankees way at the moment

clearly, the sox have all the momentum with schilling comin’ thru like
a champ last night. makin me just a wee bit worried. i had every
confidence that the yanks would pull it out last night but we know
thats not how it went.

and this is what makes sports really fun… tonight, the new york
yankees will ground the curse dead into boston’s face and end
another season for the sox.

interestingly enough, over the past few weeks i have met quite the
number of bosox fans. of course, i always have a good time with them
because a fan is a fan and you can go over the good times and the bad
times (with boston fans there are more bad than good but who’s
counting?) while trying to one up the next person and makin the bold
declaration- this is the year.

yeah, this is the year… that the yanks could go down in history as
the only team to blow a 3-0 lead which would NOT be cool.

quote of the night- after the fans revolt when the umps call a.rod out
for interference
“dood, it looks like ACENTOS up in yankee stadium!”
thanks, rog ;-)

i dont know how they are going to do it and i dont know who will step
up tonight (i would like it to be matsui and have him continue the
quiet warrior tradition of the yanks) but all i know is that somebody
better make good cuz its one thing to lose (tips his hat to the
d.backs and marlins) but to lose to bah.stun? “ahhhhhhhh hell
nooooooooooooooo” (in best black muppet voice- ask me about it one
day- its really quite funny- Hell.No the Black Muppet, that is)

first though is synonymUS with rachel kann, rick pernod (who is really
truly amazing and if there was ever a vote for bronx poet laureate- he
is who i would check on my ballot), some high class jibaro
named rich villar and the wondrous ms jessica torres (who has leaped
all the way to #1 on google search in just a few short months
overtaking some teen porn princess by the same name)

and then, ah yeah, the yankees comin through and getting ready for the
series where we will take on the traitorous clemens and his astros

or sumthin like that…

love ya like mezzanine seating

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  1. finally…

    im #1 on SOMEONE’s list.

    god bless google for recognizin’..

    teen porn or tata..

    take your pick

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