in the place to be

i am up in columbia u’s shapiro hall next to fish as i check up on my email and we both the jets vs pats game. guess who i’m rootin’ for?

in hand is some new hotness where i leave some instructions to mah peeps if i should pass away. morbid? maybe but it’s a damn good writing exercise.

the mahina movement event will be kicking off in a bit and the joy of having at least one new poem to read makes me feel good.

last night i got to check out willie perdomo and john rodriguez at the tribes. let me tell you, dat sheet was enuf to fuel me for a good few weeks. john should be called “car wash rodriguez” cuz he is automatic and willie performed some a set of all new hotness. the after party involved pizza, fizzy lizzy, mad jokes, a guest appearance from an nuyorican, some sad truths, john steppin on my kicks a lot (“you lucky we live in a civilized age. in ’88 dat sheet woulda got you stabbed!”) and mad snaps all around. straight up, mah life is blessed.

especially when you factor in that i got to crash downtown and have mad inside jokes with two of the blog.tribe

love ya like if i popped your cork!

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