on to the series

apparently, i am now a cardinals fan… fine by me… pujols, walker
and manager, tony larussa, have been faves of mine for a while…
roger clemens ran out of gas… too bad for him… actually, too bad
for bagwell & bigio who i would have really loved to see go the big
dance… since i did NOT attend nats this year, i have NO problem
rooting for the “gas house gang”…

back to poetry… i have not written sheet in the last month…
butkis… nada… zilch

i am in the conundrum of performance poetry… while busy memorizing
my work and (hopefully) improving my performance, i have not had any
real time to work on the vaunted “new shit”…

good news, though… i have a feature this sunday with rich & fish as
we help out our favorite locas, mahina movement, with an event
celebrating brothers in da movement… this is why i love mahina…
they know how to spread the love…

the challenge is clear- fish & rich must be SICK to death of the
greatest hits by now and mahina has seen me a couple of times as well
doin the standards… i will have some new sheet for this sunday… it
will probably be written 30 minutes before hand… we shall see

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