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i am a much more efficient hater in person and, as such, i have refused to comment on a lot of things here on the blog. i’ll take that back, i am usually pretty reserved around strangers and tend to stay silent until i am in the company of trusted friends which explains why the blog doesnt get all the good play when it comes to mah full all blast hate.

this means you may read some snippets from the rest of the blog.tribe put two and two together and end up with 22… no worries. if you want the legit scoop, just come up and ask. (that does not mean email me)

on to the performance tip- i have memorized two poems for tonights louderTRIBUTE that fish put together. the first one is 98% down and the second one is at about 90% which is pretty good since this time last week, i didnt know any of it by heart. should be really interesting sincei have learned quite a deal from trying to get into the soul of these poems. more than anything else, i’ve learned that i have a long ways to go but i have made a career of jumping over hurdles way before i was supposed to get to them which really means nothing since, in some respects, i am still where i started.

on the personal tip- they say no news is good news… i am unconvinced.

on the secrets dept- a good friend went and shared with me some news from soul. i felt it was only right to return the favor,as is my way.

on growth as a poet dept- my new, “when i die” poem is #8 on the o.b.billboard charts with a bullet. i want to nail some things down in it but the spirit of the poem is starting to take baby steps and may soon be headed to pre-school. the real cool news is that it may have a lil brother as i want to leave some more messaged behind from the grave. what can i say? i’m a control freak!

inside joke dept- “maybe you are entering into your introspective phase?”

signing off dept- love ya like democracy in the modern age

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