a few weeks back i saw a bad play that made the arrogant lil mofo in
me think that i could actually write a good play or, better yet said,
another one-man play that poets always seem to have in them. i still
may have that little seed in mah dome but last night i got to see a
legitimately wonderful production down at the Public Theater, John
Patrick Shanley’s “Sailor’s Song”

it started a lil heavy handed but then quickly burst into some insane
moments that includes a medium, a deceased Punjabi life insurance
salesman, a rendition of “Santa Lucia,” an unseen black man that only
arrives with the rain, some wonderful poetic moments that mimic real
life as opposed to a laborious soliloquy and a couple of genuine life

best part, of course, was getting the tickets for free but then they
also turned out to be GOOD free tickets as i arrive at the production
all late and still get front row seats.

off to 13 in a bit and will try out a new “almost” memorized piece
that isn’t really that new but i have yet to really perform it

love ya like the new hotness

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