the last acentos…

of the year(!)

whatcha thought?

we gonna stop havin this much fun!?!?

AW HELL NO!!! (thank you, mah fave black muppet)

Tuesday, December 14th @ 7:00pm


Blue Ox Bar

Corner of Third Ave & East 139 Street

The Uptown`s Best Open Mic & feature Patrick Rosal

Hosted by Oscar Bermeo

6 Train to 138th Street Station

FREE! ($5 Suggested Donation)

*The Blue Ox Bar is a short one block walk from the 6 train`s 138th Street/Third Ave station. If coming from Manhattan, please use the exit closest to the last car on the 6. For any additional information, please call the Blue Ox Bar at (718) 402-1045 or click here for an e-map.

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