the seed of the fruit

thats how inside this post is…

the illegitimate love child of GOLLUM and ROG from “What’s Happening?!?!” has chilled out a bit… someone got to her before i had a full blow up… which leaves me in a bit of confusion… as i almost slam one door on a persons hand/another one hits me in the ass… “ima stick mah foot so far in yo ass, people gonna say, ‘why they signed yo leg cast with an ugly marker?’”… i am NOT an easy person to get along with… i have upset everybody that i really love, at one point or another… imagine whats it like for the people I don’t like… “you know he’s funny a lot of the time, but when he hates somebody- now THAT’S entertainment!”… i’ve survived very well up to this point in life, by going on my instincts… within 5 minutes of meeting ya- i know whether i like ya or not… of course, this opinion can change and it has from time to time… for the most part, its worked damn well…


judgmental bastich

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