Rinse, Lather, Repeat

There have been zero developments in my life as of late. Everything is mad status quo. This is why there have been no updates as of late.

Here is the typical day as of late-

Stretch up a mornin’ yawnin’ (which will probably lead to pain cuz I can’t really stretch out my legs) mad late in the am cuz I didn’t get no sleep.

Assess which of my joints are flared up and to what degree.

Ponder the possibility of staying right in this bed and not moving until the pain goes away.

Realize that may take weeks.

Gingerly get out of bed and then find out which of my joints are truly shot cuz this I have learned- Gravity don’t lie.

Look for my cane.

Get to the shower and scald myself in the hopes that this will alleviate my joints.

Head to work.

As of late, work has been quite fun & one of the things that I really look forward to. Some bumbs on the road thru Mordor (inside reference) but nothing I can’t make it thru.

Leave work.

Return home where I will give my joints some rest and LOSE MAH MIND FROM BOREDOM

– or –

Hang out with some friends and try not to illicit too much sympathy or undue attention. I really hate the fact that people have to give me a head start and sheet like that. On the bright side, I have some real cool friends that only make fun of it when it is GENUINELY funny and not when it’s a chance to get in a good joke to make you seem like more of a man (2nd inside reference).

Return to the crib.

Assess where the pain has shifted in my body.

Hot epsom salt bath.

Get to bed.


Wake up an hour later from pain.


Wake up half an hour later from pain.


Continue to the break.a break.a dawn.

In the final analysis, I am very very much sick of it and look forward to healthy joints again cuz there is nothing better than being back in effect when this is all done and over with.

I am trying some new therapies and I must be getting healthier cuz I have limited the amount of junk I eat and have had NO alcohol in over a month.

Which is kinda sad cuz I would have loved to end the set on Monday with a nice stiff shot of single malt scotch but there’s always the next feature.

Speaking of which, I don’t care if I have to go up there with tubes in my arms- I am walking to that stage like if I was god damn Edwin Moses! I may be medicated to the gills, but hey, it might help my tones! ;-)

Love ya like two for one drinks (copyright- rich)

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  1. Oh my God oscar, I missesd your feature. I am such an ass. You reminded me like three times. I am soo sorry. I hope it was a good feature. I feel terrible, I’ll find some way to make it up. I am such an ass. hope you feel better. I am an ass.

  2. sorry to hear about the ailments… i haven’t seen you in that long! i owe you a neer beer when we meet again! thanks for keep’n it gully and look up banalg… really good for joint aches!

    from softball pro
    mahogany l. browne

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