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out of these five films, the only one i have seen is RAY. time to correct this shit. i am not overly impressed by the Academy’s thought process as time and time again, art must eventually fall into a subjective light and one person’s caviar becomes another person’s salty sea goop. first on the hit list is MILLION DOLLAR BABY. they keep telling me that there is a nice twist in this film and hey, thats a good enough readon to drop some bucks down. on the ghetto top, i will try to sneak in two films for the price of one AND sneak in sandwiches, chips and my own drink. should i happen to be sharing this experience with someone else, pray for them as an audience is all i need to really act the jester.

next on the hit list is SIDEWAYS. while sneaking through films one friday night, i stumbled onto this one and was laughing really loud within 30 seconds. sadly, the theater was packed and my compatriots (mara & rich) werent yet comnfortable with the idea that we were going to make our cinema dollars stretch.

THE AVIATOR… this might well be the discounted movie that i plan to see. the trailers and the inital buzz did nothing to compel me to see this movie (versus HOTEL RWANDA that i really want to check out) and the fact that GANGS OF NEW YORK, scorsese’s last oscar nod was a horribly edited, poorly writtern, overwroght piece of precise historic eye candy that was nearly (note- nearly) saved by the genius of daniel day lewis doesnt have me going into this with my “i am ready to be wowed” eye but more my “lets see what flaws even a film novice like myself can spot from a mile away” scowl

and in the last slot i would like to check out FINDING NEVERLAND more to see johnny depp than anything else

right now, without having seen the rest of the films, ima give the nod to MILLION DOLLAR BABY. the academy loves to honor its own and it looks like clint eastwood has done another masterful directing job and the academy also likes to pat itself on the back so it will look very favorably on past winner, hillary swank and perenial nominee, morgan freeman.

maybe i’ll change my mind but i know that awards are based more on perception than reality and hail the bells, art takes another tumble- for the 77th year!

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  1. Million Dollar Baby is a great movie, but don’t get caught up on the supposed “twist.” That’s lazy marketing at work there that’s killed many a movie post-Sixth Sense, and will only set you up for disappointment.

  2. Finding Neverland is top three for me. The only movie that I haven’t seen on that list is Million dolla baby Momma. I still love Finding Neverland, and The Aviator was a scadder brain movie. Not one real specific story. Sidways might fall 4th for me but I don’t think it was best. I did love it. Ray had great acting but I don’t think it should really be on that list. Eternal Sunshine was overlooked. Foxx has no buisness being nominated for best supporting for collateral. He was great in Ray and only good in collateral. Garden State was overlooked for a few categories. Shoudve gotten best director and screenplay and even best movie nod. Leo finally gets nominated and everyone thinks that Martin is way overdue an oscar. esspecially since gangs didn’t get it, and Daniel Day Lewis shouldve one for that role. So Director will go to Eastwood and best movie will go to Martin, or vise versa. Proving your point that art aing got nothing to do with it. But it feels good dressing up and getting pretty for an award show. How come I didn’t get invited? Next question is; Will Guy have the restraint not to blog on one of the next two award shows? Or maybe the NBA allstar weekend? Or this comment? the world will never know…

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