5 blogs I would pay money to see on the regular

Raymond Daniel :: it is really amazing how much poetry i get just from having a five minute convo with ray. not to mention the fact that his verbal deliveries, especially when it comes to cutting someone down, are always money. i’ve been lucky to have him as my zen guru for the last couple of years and im thinking EVERYBODY should have some online tao.
“all the love that can fit in a glove”

Angel :: this is my old running buddy from the bx thats currently livin in florida. easily, the best wingman i have ever had the pleasure of hangin with here in the states. my friends think i have good stripper stories? bolo (crew nickname) was the master of those stories and many more.
“you really don’t want to know why i don’t want to tip you”

UPHA :: where i scored my MFA in hateration. sure there have been many teachers but this is where it really became an art. UPHA approached me the same way Memphis lawyers approached Tom Cruise in “The Firm” with an offer to sink or swim in the ’chinche. i dont think america is ready.
“that was the saddest display of trite, insipid, overwrought verse my poor ears have ever been subjected to”

Bono :: its gotta be rough tryin to save the world as you also front a band that is destined for Hall of Fame status while still being a husband and father. i bet ya this man spits out #1.with.a.bullet song lyrics while he gargles in the morning. you know that question about who you would love to have dinner with alive or dead? bono tops the list.
“am i bugging you? i don’t mean to bug ya.”

the big heartbreak :: this was a toss up between her and the one that got away. a tie easily broken when you factor in that i can just hop on over to TOTGA’s house anytime i damn well please and sit down for sunday dinner. what the new hubby has to say about that is another story all together.

back to TBH, we left on piss poor terms which was really the only way that it could have ended. i was the rebound kid but that didn’t stop me for a second. back then i thought that there were still dragons to slay so i went right for it. we fell in crazy love from the get go. after spending an all night talk session in her kitchen, i stopped for a second to look around the room and noticed the sun coming up. i always fall in love at 4 am. the next week was an exercise in me trying to figure out how to tell this woman that i could no longer just hang with her as “a friend.” sure it sounds fucked up but to your own self be true and all that shit.

bottom line- i was not going to be able to spend five minutes in a room alone with her with out making a complete ass of mah self. up that timetable to about 20 minutes if other people are in the room.

the next saturday we spent a great night together with some mutual friends. we danced, ate at a diner, cracked silly jokes, dropped the other folks off and then watched the sun come up again. i knew that it was sink or swim time. time to tell her that i had real feelings for her and if she wasn’t cool with that, then so be it, but sorry, i can’t stick around for that. yeah! say that or something nicer where i don’t sound like such a jerk. i’m thinking this all the way up the stairs to drop her off at her door and when she cracks the door open and moves inside she turns to me with a look that you could put in a frame. if i didn’t say it then, i would never say it. so here goes and right there she kisses me like if she could read my mind and didn’t want to see me go.

i don’t know how i kept it so cool. looking back at her like if i knew that this is where the story would go. sure, you may not think i was acting cool but anything short of not passing out or jumping up & down while clapping my hands sayin “she likes me” was cool at that moment. we went inside and kissed some more, found a place on the sofa and fell in like two pillows. just holding each other like if somebody was gonna come busting through the door and ruin shit. maybe that was already in her head cuz that’s sure as hell how it ended.

personal quote- “all of these poems are about you/but none of them are for you”

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