back in the real world

i dont understand the deal with the remote blog postings. i just finished setting the posts from Liberty in chronological order but i have no idea why some posted right on time and some didnt. tato, just glad that they got to the blog and i could lay down mah thoughts as they were happening.

i am still UBER-psyched about the retreat. ima have to write a serious follow up post cuz i still dont think that all of it has sunk in.

jess at spiralbridge was the “truth.” she was not feeling well and had every right to cancel out or dial in a half ass performance but instead came through like a champion… thats how you spell “professional.” she also delivered her poems straight ahead with a minmum of backstory or senseless banter… truly she is my hero.

last night at 13 was the best time i had in a while. i continue to avoid the banter that detracts from actually listening to the mic. for mahself, i wrote at least one good line from every poem i heard even the poems that as a whole i felt did not succeed. the slam was a slam- ’nuff said. mike mcgee came through and delivered two poems (though i thought the second piece was closer to prose) that will stick with me for a while and then i was out! pulled a raymond daniel and left with little fanfare. this may be my new modus operandi.

love ya like snow loves lil kids mittens

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