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you know that i’ve become a poetry snob when i look back at the week that was and completely blank out on finally hearing piri thomas read. if i really want to cop a plea, i’ll say that the event at fordham university was so well run that i cant play the critic and dog it out.

piri was equally as chill. i was able to sneak in some words with him before the event began and he was that mad suave senor that always has a smile and kind word for everyone.

and then there is the arrogance… he asked for some questions during his reading and i wondered out loud as to what books – other than “Down These Mean Streets” – should every latino have read. he responded by listing the other books hes written. if it was anyone else, this would have been the height of selfishness, but its amazing what a great smile and exhuberant joy of life will do to change that to just a simple statement of opinion- i am a great writer that wants the whole world to read his story.

and, on the real, if you dont have that arrogance about your work – tempered with some humility on life – then whats the point?

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  1. jus picked his book up from hueman on friday, after reading fish’s blog… when’s the book club getting together about this, eh?

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